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HQ V Sanguinarius by Sangi
HQ V Amino: Sanguine by Vamdhreghyrik Lord, Eons Away“Requires a mobile app.”
Dreamhart by Jarandhel Dreamsinger
V Noctalium by Mistwolf
Therian Guide by Lycantheory, Dustwolf
V Vampyrbibliothek by Heshthot S
V Facebook: Vampire Science by Arafel Si, Jane More
V Real Vampire Directory by Elizabeth Hopka“The website you’re on right now.”
V Sanguinarian Research by Sarah Mediv
V Facebook: Memphis Vampire Court by Gia Ahlia Bathory
V Real Vampire Life by John Reason’s
V Vamp
V Vampirismo Real by Hermes Hadenes
V Vampire Radio by Cancer
V Vampire Freaks by Jet
Draconic by Chris Dragon
V The Vampire Community by DarkFess
V The Graveyard Press by Deacongray
V House Valur by Octarine Valur
Shadow’s Den by Shadowmyst
V La Tana Di Darlk by Jacob Natur
V Facebook: Vampire and Otherkin Community by Rei Tadashi Fermil, Damien Ferguson
V YouTube: Geszelda by Geszelda
V YouTube: Logan South by Logan South
Terian Portalen by Poppy
YouTube: Therian Nation by Shannon, George
Therian Timeline by Wolf VanZandt
Therian Wikia by BaxWolf, Wolf Daughter
V Facebook: @vampirefragments by Spurn Skyggesuk
Facebook: Were and Therian Community by Damien Ferguson, Rei Tadashi Fermil
V Facebook: Blood Vampire’s Haven by Rei Tadashi Fermil, Damien Ferguson
Facebook: Vampire Donor Mutualism Network by Rei Tadashi Fermil, Damien Ferguson
V Facebook: Donors VwV by Ma Sok Chi
V Facebook: Vampire and Swans Cafe by JP Vanir Peebles, Elise Michelle Lomax
V The Sydney Vampires Meetup Group by Jason De Marco“A mix of real vampires and lifestylers.”
V Twitter: @VampFragments by Spurn Skyggesuk
V Inside Real Vampires by Horus Sat
Feral Grove by Talon Alderwood
V SphynxCatVP by SphynxCat
V Facebook: @MemphisVampireCourt by Logan South, Erishkagal Bathory-Von Ecsed
V Facebook: @BaltimoreVampireCourt by Jessica Lovelace
V Facebook: @RavenHeartEst1999 by Sylvia Raven Nagel
V House Quinotaur“They’re called House Quinotaur, but they call themselves an organization.”
Wild Speak by Ravenari
Anthro Otherkin by Talon Alderwood
Therian Subreddit by DanielTaylor
True Otherkin Subreddit by Draconilian
Otherkin Subreddit by Therian
Otherkin Wiki by SamKitty
Therian Tree by Thylae
Therian Wiki by Wolf Daughter, BaxWolf
V Vampire Church by Damien Daville, LA Judge
V Merticus by Merticus
Thébaïde by Akhila
Were Library by Aethyriek
Within the Ruins by House of Chimeras
Finding the Way by Talon
V The Sanctuary by Sonne Spiritwind
RedFeather’s Eyrie by Redfeather FalconHawk
V Vampyrian Temple UVUP by JP Vanir
V Claret Vitale“Blood shop. I’m unsure as to the safety and legality of this service. Take care.”
V Vampire Forum“Account activation but email doesn’t work.”
V Vampyre Bytes by Samael Anathan
Webs: Therianthropy Research Group“Claims to be a research group with virtually no Therian research.”
V Shadow Lore by Grim
FireLion Raven by Raven
Kin Speak“The website claims to have a directory, but it’s not very useful.”
V The Learned Vampire by Stephanie Freer
V Psychic Vampire by Lono F Vespertilio
V By Light Unseen by Vyrdolak
Forest Horizon by Ashen
Not Quite Human by Zephyr
Otherkin1 Subreddit by Alynnafoxie
V Vampire Haven by Sabrasachi
V Vampire Unification Association by Jonathan Courtney
Animal Quills by Feralkiss
V Magia Posthuma by Niels K. Petersen
House Eclipse by Raven OrthaeVelve
V The Lair of a Lesbian Vampire by Tristen Blackwell
V Vampire Website“This website is exceptionally controversial. Take it with a grain of salt.”
V The Vampire Codex by Michelle Belanger
V Old Girl by Sasha
V Vampiric studies by Catherine NightPoe
Felinity by Velvet Wings
V Blood and Coffee by Kelandris the Mad
V Wraithly Communal by Ana Massien
Absurdism by Quil
Donor, Not a döner by Acrophobic Pixie
V Vampires by TheCheezman
Non Human Quotes by SwanBlood
Livin’ the Swan Life! by Blackswan21
’90 Links to Real Vampire Sites“WARNING: May cause seizures (the background is a gif of lightning bolts).”
Swan Bytes Noir by Giselle Le Boursier
V Real Vampires by V Luna
V European Night by Gwennifer
V Ana Massien by Ana Massien
V Vampire Girl by Ana Massien
V Wraitli Exbuis by Ana Massien
V Awake and Drink by Zane Robinson“Poor Quality as the link to the forums and the chatroom aren’t effective.”
Being Lion by Serpent Scribe
V Blood Moon Studios by w3rew0lfgirl99
V The Dhampire by Lana Lundy
V The Black Rose by Widow
V Vampyre ConneXion by Vampyre Master
V Ordo Sekhemu by Vicutus
Lupine Instincts by Elinox
V Winged Wolf by Winged Wolf
V Psi-Vamp by Psy
V House Etherium by Isealdor
Nyte Net by Morgan
V Slad
V Real Vampire Community by Ana Massien
V Blogfree: LIRV“Blacklisted due to intrusive popups leading to potential malware-related website.”
V Sabre Tooth Clan by Aaron Todd Hoyt
V Aneria Romana by Aneria Romana
V Sabre Tooth by Aaron Todd Hoyt
V Silent Minion by Dark Jade
V Vampyre Connexion New by Master Vampyre
V YouTube: by Father Sebastiaan
Spirit of the Wind by Citr?kayah“Take care visiting this website. Intrusive, and potentially malicious popups.”
Black Swan Haven by Acrophobic Pixie, Passer, WingedWolf
Animal Scribes by The Wild Wolf, Aethriek
ZoanOut! by Ketrino“Blacklisted due to containing harmful language (the website seems to have been hacked).”
V Drak
V House of Havoc by VampireIzak, Jason Lord Havoc, Lee Havoc
V Vampire Hall by Slash
V Simply Dark by Sasha
Unstricked by Dragonfk
Theri There by O. Scribner
V Vampire Izidari by Izidari
V Choronzon by Kel
V Shadow Land by Elisabetha
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